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SUPER moving sale! Name your price.

Hello everyone! I'm going to be moving to Japan in 10 days, so I have a special offer for you.

If you've looked at my doujinshi before, do look again! It's Name Your Price time now. :)Seriously, anything! $1 to whatever you can afford (or a trade) + shipping, and it's yours.
(If two of you want the same thing, tho, the higher offer prevails.) I will stop checking for buyers on Wednesday, July 13th at 4pm central time-- until then, just pay shipping + whatever you want, and you can have as many of my doujinshi as you'd like.

Check out my journal with covers and inside previews. Below are the links. :) (Split up because I have a lot of preview images, too)
( TezuRyo Doujinshi ) on my journal.

Other pairings, gen, and gag doujinshi, also on my journal. ( Other Pairings + Gag )
Includes the following: TezuFuji, FujiRyo, Fuji + Kikumaru, Ryoga (Ryoma's brother from the movie) centric doujinshi, Rikkai boys, and MomoRyo.

And~ Anthologies! Lots of pairings: ( Prince of Tennis Anthology Love )

Sneak peak of the covers: |

| | | |

So, once again:

( TeniPuri YAOI and Shonen Ai doujinshi: TezuRyo)
( TeniPuri Doujinshi: other pairings, gen. and gag doujinshi )
( Prince of Tennis Anthology Love )

If you'd like to make a bid on a few doujin, please go ahead.
Tags: momoshiro, ryoma
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