Buy/Sell/Trade Tenipuri goodies

Sell/Buy/Trade Tenipuri goodies
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This is a community for people who want to sell, trade or buy Tenipuri related items. Please read the rules before posting.

1. ONLY sell/buy/trade Tenipuri related goods (You may link to your selling journal/website/ebay that has other goods, but please only advertise Tenipuri related items here.) Tenimyu actors related items also okay.
2. Absolutely no bootlegs! (but DIY goods are okay.)
3. Please use tags for featured characters and merchadise type (eg. Shishido/Ootori, Doujinshi or Sengoku, Bromide or Manga)
4. Only serious buyers/sellers/traders
5. The mods are NOT responsible for any transactions
6. Posting the same sales advert everyday only annoys people. (Every 3-4 days should be okay)

Finally, email to the mod if you have any questions.